The Story Must Be Told

Capturing it with the Right Lens to be Shared with the Hope of Inspiring Others.

Video Production

At Every Turn, Everywhere Around the World, There is a Story Just Waiting to be Told.

These are stories about new life-saving medical developments, the incredible healing power of the human body, lifting up those who are facing tough challenges, and filling needs right where they are. This is what nonprofit video production at
Lens End Media is all about.

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What We Do

We share stories that matter. And we do it in a way that will turn ideas into action.


You can host the most magnificent gala in hopes of bringing awareness to an issue or raising money for a cause.


You can write social media posts, create a fantastic blog, send out a newsletter via email or postal mail, or even go door-to-door.


Sometimes these are effective and they will surely raise awareness. But there is nothing quite as gripping, moving, and inspiring as a beautiful story unfolding in a perfectly-captured video.


And, that’s exactly what we do at Lens End Media.

Who We Are

Why Choose Lens End Media?


Lens End Media is a video production team of content creators, digital media strategists, video editors, and storytellers who have the drive to help brands and nonprofits inspire others. Working together, they can develop the right angle of approach, share the most moving stories, and capture it all on a video that can be shared across platforms.


Whether you are trying to fundraise for your nonprofit, bring awareness to an issue (or a solution), or just want to spotlight someone remarkable, Lens End Media can capture the heart of your message.

Why the Story Must Be Told

Nonprofits can bring change within local neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nationwide, and globally. At all different levels, change can be sparked with an idea. Unfortunately, this change can progress without awareness.


So many people spend life focused on what they have going on right in front of them that it is tough to see the world around them. They may be aware of a need or an issue, but focusing on it or giving it any extra attention isn’t always an option. That is, of course, until it is made personal.

What’s your story? When your nonprofit has big plans for future change, the world needs to know. And the best way to do that is through video.






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What is one of the most important aspects of sharing a story through video?

Arousing emotions is such an important part of storytelling through video. That single element allows you to draw in the audience and touch their heart. And it is powerful enough to motivate.

What types of videos can be used by nonprofits?

Capturing and sharing the stories of nonprofits can take many different angles and can be done in many creative ways. For instance, you can create videos to: Raise awareness, Engage and interact Educate – and inspire

Can video production help a nonprofit with fundraising?

Absolutely. A video with compelling storytelling is a great way to move people. It can bring awareness to issues in an emotional way that can enhance fundraising efforts.

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So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us at Lens End Media today.

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