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We’ve created video content for a wide range of nonprofits — stories about new life-saving medical developments, the incredible healing power of the human body, preserving the culture of indigenous communities, impactful youth development programs, mental health resources, and beyond.

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Our Approach

Nonprofits far too often lack visual representation of their great work and impact. Incredibly moving human stories can become lost in case studies and annual reports.


We partner with you to truly understand your mission organization’s mission, impact, & goals, whether that be at the community, city, state, national, or global level – and capture the stories which show the true impact of your efforts and calls to action through compelling video.

What’s your story? When your nonprofit has big plans for future change, the world needs to know. And the best way to do that is through video.

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What types of videos can be used by nonprofits?

Nonprofits can benefit from a wide range of video content. Documentaries, interview vignettes, animated shorts, and studio shoots are all outstanding tools. Dynamic campaigns can take many forms – for example, a series of short videos or a single flagship film. There are many creative options that our team can walk you through

Can video production help a nonprofit with fundraising?

Absolutely. Creating powerful, moving video content is an excellent tool for enhancing fundraising efforts. We work with you to identify and understand your key audience and create lasting content that can be leveraged continuously for ongoing financial support.

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