30 Seconds to Share Your Story

Film ads for the world to see.


From 30 second spots on TV to digital ads, let us film your next commercial.

Creating a commercial for your brand is the quickest way to attract your audience into learning more about you. Our commercial work has aired on broadcast TVs around the world and now – we’re ready to help you share your story.

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"LEM's meticulous detail to commercials is incredible to watch. They analyze every frame with a magnifying glass to make sure it adheres to the quality standards of commercial work."

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Who We Are

There are so many video production companies out there willing to film your next commercial.


So, why choose Lens End Media?


We have a proven track record of working with cast and crew that will help bring your commercial to life. When it comes to commercials, we know that you only have a few seconds to wow your audience – so we take every step into consideration when working with our clients. 

How We Film Commercials

First, we dive into pre-production with you to understand the fine details of your project so we can understand which actors to cast, which locations we need to secure, and which script + storyboard combination will work best with the idea at hand.


When we lock in pre-production, we head into production where we film on-set with you and our team. In production we’re filming with our industry-grade cinema cameras, lights, and audio equipment. Production days can be hectic and extremely rewarding – and we make sure that our clients are involved every step of the way.


In post-production we’re scrubbing through every frame to make sure that the color, audio, and edit all match the highest video standards in the industry.

Interested in hiring us for your next commercial? We would love to work with you.


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Days of Production
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How much do commercials cost?

Commercial projects can vary in cost so we like to understand a few key details before providing an estimate.

Where do audiences usually watch commercials?

Commercials are usually seen on TV or digital ads.

Are commercials effective marketing tools?

The world's biggest brands rely on commercials to attract audiences daily.

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So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us at Lens End Media today.

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Telling Your Story is Only the Beginning.

About Lens End

Our process allows brands to discover new ways to inspire through compelling cinema, social content creation & digital strategies.

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