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Whether you’re a nonprofit in need of an audience, a political campaign seeking a showcase, a new brand or a new foundation, at Lens End Media our experienced, talented crew is ready to make compelling visual messages that support your needs. Using our passion for communication, we’ll put your stories in motion with cinematic storytelling that creates meaningful impact all around the globe.

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Our team can do it all, from the first stage of idea development through…



Mapping your strategy and shaping your video script, defining your objectives to be achievable, measurable, and relevant



Shooting your video on schedule, smoothly, and with creative flair, directing the project with the passion and commitment your message deserves



Weaving all the elements of your product and the message you’re imparting together into a cohesive, well-strategized, and compelling video

“Our skilled video production team can make your story come alive, and share it with the world, educating your audience and bringing the bright light of awareness to your message and your brand. “


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What makes up a video production?

Video production comprises everything that goes into the ideas, planning, and completion of a video project, from pre-production to production and post-production.

How does video production impact digital marketing?

The strategy you choose for your digital marketing is a vital component of any successful video production. We can help you map that strategy, define the parameters of your audience, analyze and determine the best way to build up your content strategy, and choose the marketing technique you use to achieve your goals. And, we can help you to set important KPIs, and fully realize and execute your strategy, too. Each of these components is key to shaping a video production that truly tells the story you want to tell in the most potent way possible.

Are there different types of video production? What are they used for?

Video production comes in many different forms and is used for many different reasons, including entertainment, television commercials, online commercials, corporate media, product introduction, testimonials, education, and marketing. Each is a form of content creation that involves the production of video that’s made with a particular audience in mind, in order to impart a specific message.

Is your creative approach different from other production companies?

Our process is unique in that we focus on the perfect combination of telling an impactful story while producing a clean cinematic image. Our staff has a range of experience from storytelling to cinematography which allows us to shape your story from many angles. In addition, we keep you involved every step of the way of the project with dedicated video review links that allow clients to make suggestions and comments right on the video. Lastly, we work to set a project deadline with you before the project even starts to ensure we’re on track to deliver on time and on budget.

What skills do you bring to video producing?

Our video team focuses on a passionate attention to technology and detail, creative storytelling, and the identification of inspiring ways to present your message. We work solely with the highest-grade cinema cameras and lenses to ensure a beautiful image with each shoot. We also edit on the latest suite of editing tools so we can pay special attention to color and audio for the final cut. We’re also organized and manage our deadlines and yours with an eye toward achieving the goals you want.

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