Creating the Perfect Frame

Give your subject’s story the justice it deserves with impeccable framing.

Video Production

"Every shot, every camera move, every frame, are really important on every shot." – Roger Deakins

Creating the perfect interview frame is an art that we at Lens End Media take seriously. WIth our unique process from framing, lighting, color grading, composition, and sound capture – we ensure that each frame represents the vision of the overall story.

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Our Interview Setup Process

At Lens End Media, we have proudly developed an interview setup process that ensures a perfect interview every time.


Prior to scheduling interview filming, we like to know a few key things including: how many cameras would you need for the interview, if there are any video examples that you can share that you would like to mimic, when would you like to do the video interview, and if you have a list of questions you would like to ask the interviewee.


From the time we arrive to a location, we typically require 90 minutes on average to set up the interview frame. During this time, our team is setting up lights, cameras, and sound. An ideal interview filming location is one that has ample space and also has windows that allow for natural lighting. Lastly, the space should have little noise from any natural sound so that we can properly capture the subject speaking.


After our setup, we are rolling. During filming, we want to ensure that only one person is asking the interviewee any questions. We prefer that one of our directors or producers asks the questions, however in some cases we understand that the client wants to ask the questions.


After filming we’re all set! We now have the perfect interview footage to help guide the story during the final video.

Who We Are

Why Choose Lens End Media?


Lens End Media is a video production team of content creators, digital media strategists, video editors, and storytellers who have the drive to help brands and nonprofits inspire others. Working together, they can develop the right angle of approach, share the most moving stories, and capture it all on a video that can be shared across platforms.


Whether you are trying to fundraise for your nonprofit, bring awareness to an issue (or a solution), or just want to spotlight someone remarkable, Lens End Media can capture the heart of your message.

Why the Frame Should Be Perfect

Interview framing is incredibly important because of the amount of real estate the interview section can take up in any video. When there is no b-roll being shown, the viewer will constantly revisit the subject’s interview frame throughout the entirety of the piece. Knowing this, it’s critical that the interview frame is constructed the right way.

So, how will you film your next interview?


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Hours of Interviews


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How long does it typically take to set up a video interview?

On average, it takes our team about 1.5 hours to set up an interview frame.

How many lights do you typically need for a video interview?

Our team uses anywhere from 3-10 lights on an interview setup depending on the amount of natural lighting in the space.

Is there anything else I should know before scheduling my next video interview?

The more information you can provide us with such as the mood, overall objective, and any inspirations you have for the interview the easier it is for our team!

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