Creating the Perfect Frame
For Your Interview

Video Production

"Every shot, every camera move, every frame, are really important on every shot." – Roger Deakins

Creating the perfect interview frame is an art that we take pride in. Through our unique process of framing, lighting, color grading, composition, and sound capture – we ensure that each frame represents the vision of the overall story.

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Our Interview Setup Process

At Lens End Media, we take pride in creating a seamless interview experience for our subjects.


Prior to the interview shoot, we first determine key elements such as: number of cameras required, visual samples to match the intended style and texture, and working with you to develop the most effective interview questions.


We also love to engage with interviewees in advance of a shoot through a process called pre-interviews. Pre-interviews are shorter sessions – typically video calls – where we introduce ourselves to each interviewee and ask an initial set of exploratory questions in order to help our clients identify the most compelling storylines for each interview. This process is ideal for video projects where you may want extra support with developing a strong story arc, especially when weaving multiple interviews together.


We combine our dedication to crafting beautifully lit, cinematically composed interview frames with our emphasis on powerful storytelling to give you a trusted and effective production partner here at LEM. We’d love to learn more about you!

So, how will you film your next interview?

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How long does it typically take to set up a video interview?

On average, it takes our team about 1.5 hours to set up an interview frame.

Is there anything else I should know before scheduling my next video interview?

The more we can collaborate ahead of your shoot to determine the most effective style, story, & mood for your video content — the more powerful your interviews will be! We’re happy to partner with you and create that plan together.

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