Behind the Lens: Meet Lisbeth Arias

If you’ve ever wondered where LEM get it’s personality from, whether it’s our social media, email blasts, or client emails, look no further. Based out of North Carolina, Lisbeth Arias is the glue at LEM that keeps everything afloat. On this month’s Behind the Lens, we sat down with Lisbeth to get to know her a little more and learn about what drives her.

Read below to learn more about Lisbeth and what she loves to do when she’s not behind the computer.

1. Tell us a little more about yourself.

My official title at LEM is Senior Digital Media Strategist, but I tend to do a little bit of everything. My background is in fashion design, so I’m able to translate a lot of those creative skills and put them to practice in the digital media and video production world. I’ve been in the start-up world since 2016, so I’m familiar with the everchanging roller coaster a small business brings and working in a team where you have to wear many hats. I’m the only team member who isn’t based out of DC, so I like to change things up by working out of different coffee shops and showing the team where I am.

2. What do you enjoy about working at LEM?

I’m really lucky to work with an amazing team. They know way more about video production than I do, so I really appreciate them being great teachers. I also enjoy the vibe we have. Even though I work remotely, I still feel like we’re a little family. If I have an emergency or feel overwhelmed, I know I can reach out to them and they’ll have my back. I don’t think you’ll find that at other agencies.

3. What do you like most about what you do?

I believe that everyone has a great story to tell. Life has given each of us unique challenges that others can either learn from or be inspired by. Whenever a new client comes to us with a project, I love learning their story. You can tell from their voice and demeanor how passionate they are about service and helping others. I’m very fortunate to have a job where I can use my creative skills to elevate their story so others are inspired to take action.

4. Favorite movie? Why? 

I wish I was more like my colleagues and say my favorite movie has an impeccable script or outrageous cinematography, but I just enjoy watching movies that make me laugh or help me appreciate life just a little more. My favorites would have to be Crazy, Stupid, Love., In the Heights, and Black Panther.

5. When you have some downtime, what do you usually like to do? 

When I’m not with LEM, I’m working on my clothing brand startup called Descalza. (Fun Fact: LEM actually created my Kickstarter video and helped me raise over $20K to start Descalza!) If I’m not in the studio designing a custom piece, I’m with my family exploring new places. My partner and I love to travel and take the kiddos to places that will inspire them. 🙂