Behind the Lens: Meet Neil Gerardo

We’re so excited to have Neil Gerardo join our team as our Senior Video Editor & Content Creator!  He’s always behind the lens capturing stories that we decided to switch things up and put him in the spotlight. 

Read below to learn more about Neil and what he loves to do when he’s not behind the camera. 

1. Tell us a little more about yourself.

I’m an ex-pre-med student turned filmmaker. I found my passion for storytelling at a tender young age of 19 while studying abroad in Paris. I noticed that many of my relatives are in media and creative spaces so I thought why not, it has to run in my blood right? I love comedy, finding hole in the wall food spots, and exploring the local areas when abroad. When I’m not tinkering with cameras or constantly saving my project, I like to snowboard and rock climb in my free time.

2. What are you most excited about working at LEM?

 I’m most excited about LEM’s potential. Joining a company during its young stages is scary and exciting at the same time, but both feelings come from the same place, ambition. This is what I saw in Ibrahim during my interview, the founder and CEO of LEM. It’s that same drive that made me really want to be a part of this team.

3. What do you like most about what you do?

Not many people can say they’re doing what they love, and I’m lucky that I’m on the opposite end of that spectrum. Simply, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels natural.

4. Favorite movie? Why? 

Flubber, starring Robin Williams. This movie was my introduction to cinema and as a kid, I remember vividly watching it every day as much as possible and having the McDonald’s Happy meal toys. It’s also tied to a lot of good memories of growing up.

5. When you have some downtime, what do you usually like to do? 

I love rock climbing during the warmer months, and snowboarding when the snow finally hits the mountains. Recently though I have gotten into golfing, and so far it’s infuriatingly difficult. But when I have time to do nothing, I love doing just that.

Thank you Neil Gerardo for sitting down with us to share your story! We’re looking forward to working with you and witnessing your great work come to life!



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